Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A collection of last minute #Rally4JA resources

Join FoWL flyer
Image for a placard


Placard to go with mask
We love it

A novel idea
Wild west style

Plenty more of these Bob Carr
German version

And of course many more goodies scattered throughout the beanblog... Happy #Rally4JA!

Monday, 28 May 2012

#Rally4JA Flyers

FoWL Flyer for distribution before, during and after the Global Actions for Julian Assange. A5x2 on an A4 sheet for ease of printing/copying.

FoWL statement flyer with further information

Frankfurt FoWL flyer

Berlin FoWL flyer

 of support for Julian Assange and Wikileaks 

Friends of
 Wikileaks (FoWL) are issuing this ‘statement of support’ in
 preparation for the handing down of the UK Supreme Court judgement on
 Wednesday 30th May 2012 in the case of Assange V the
Swedish Judicial Authority.

FoWL are a
 global collective of supporters, groups and networks who are united 
in their appreciation of the work of Wikileaks- an organisation which
 aims to promote greater transparency and accountability of the 
powerful structures in our society in an effort to strengthen
 democracy and uphold global human rights. Wikileaks serves a complex
 and multi-faceted function in our society that goes beyond the
 specific leaks themselves.

The manner 
in which the case against Julian Assange has been conducted and the
 factual inaccuracies that have characterised the mainstream media
 portrayal of both him and Wikileaks lead us to believe that the case
 being decided upon at the Supreme Court is not simply about Julian
 Assange. This case is embedded within a context where Julian, heading 
the Wikileaks organisation, has a sealed indictment against him,
 issued by the US.

Extradition to the US is likely regardless of the 
decision handed down on the 30th May. Wikileaks- a safe 
media organisation which whistleblowers can use to counter
 corruption, and the work of Julian Assange- a journalist and human 
rights activist, are being classed as terrorism. FoWL declare this as

FoWL therefore see a
 direct link between the treatment of Julian Assange in this case and 
the persecution of Wikileaks by the global superpowers. We see this 
as an attempt at suppressing an important tool for prohibiting
 corruption. FoWL stand alongside Julian Assange and the Wikileaks
 organisation and voice our dissent over the politicisation of our
 judicial systems.

At this historical 
juncture we are witnessing a global shift in the role of citizenship-
nations are attempting to reclaim the right to hold the governing 
systems they have democratically elected accountable. History will 
write back to this moment, in judgement of our global response to the
 attempted suppression of knowledge, freedom and accountability. It is
 our future Wikileaks is defending.

We are here- we are watching.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Join the global action for Julian Assange: MAY30-31 2012

The list grows... No action in your area? You can organise your own! Let me know for your poster.

Here are all the details you need for the actions taking place during and after Julian Assange's UK Supreme Court decision is made public. Please also visit WLCentral for a complete listing with contacts. Updated 29 May 2012.

In Australia

Rallies are being held at Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) offices around Australia, and at Federal MPs' offices where there are no DFAT offices.

If you're in Brisbane rug up for the night and join the 24 hour solidarity vigil initiated by Ciaron O'Reilly...
Brisbane vigil - inspiring action in solidarity with Julian Assange - be there for the UK Supreme Court decision 6.15pmAEST Wednesday 30 May

Adelaide Thursday 31 May, 12-2pm, DFAT, 55 Currie St, CBD
Canberra Thursday 31 May, 12-2pm, 4.30-6pm, DFAT Sydney Ave, Barton
New poster for Brisbane Thursday 31 May, 12-2pm, 4.30-6pm, DFAT, 295 Ann Street, CBD
Brisbane Thursday 31 May, 12-2pm, 4.30-6pm, DFAT, 295 Ann Street, CBD
Melbourne Thursday 31 May, 12-2pm, 4.30pm onwards, DFAT cnr Lonsdale & Spring Sts, CBD
Perth Thursday 31 May, 5.30pm Murray Street Mall, 650 Hay St, CBD
Sydney Thursday 31 May, 5pm DFAT, 123 Pitt St, CBD
Flyers for Sydney action: A4 print, cut, distribute... request a design for your action
Townsville Thursday 31 May, 4.30-6pm, MP Ewen Jones' Office, Nathan Business centre, Aitkenvale

Around the globe

The Supreme Court in London and Australian embassies and consulates are the locations for rallies and vigils outside Australia.

Be there for the decision 9.15am Wednesday 30 May... London Catholic Worker & Veterans for Peace vigil starts 8am

UKFoWL promo design as requested... what does your group need?

London Wednesday 30 May, 7.30am The Supreme Court, Parliament Square, London SW1P 3BD
London Vigil before, during and after the verdict, at the Supreme Court
Edinburgh Wednesday 30 May 2012, Australian Consulate, 5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh

Washington DC Wednesday 30 May, 3pm, Embassy of Australia, 1601 Massachusetts Ave
Honolulu Thursday 31 May, 11.30-2pm, Australian Embassy, 1000 Bishop Street
Denver Wednesday 30 May, 5.30pm, Lincoln Park - endorsed by Occupy Denver
Denver Wednesday 30 May, 5.30pm, Lincoln Park - endorsed by Occupy Denver
New York Wednesday 30 May, 1pm, Meet at US State Department, 799 United Nataion Plz, NY 10017
Berlin Mittwoch 30 Mai, 17Uhr, Brandenburger Tor
San Francisco 30 May, 3pm, Australian Embassy, 575 Market Street


Defend journalism with a heart! Telling the truth is no crime!

Compassion naturally leads to a search for transparency and accountability.

Don't hesitate to contact me with your design needs for this global action. Bean

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Global Action for Julian Assange! 80 Facts for Bob Carr!

Grab all 80 Facts for Bob placards at Picasa or from @somersetbean's Favourites list on Twitter... Click on an image and choose download photo from the actions dropdown menu. Download, print, paste, share, retweet... Don't wanna wait for the downloads? Contact me for emailed zipped files of all 80 Facts.

Use as placards, posters etc for Bring Julian Home rallies at DFAT offices, Australian embassies and consulates... wallpaper some concrete... pin on the local noticeboard... etc!

Global action day after the UK Supreme Court decision  


You'll find times and locations of global rallies below. The rallies are taking place regardless of the outcome, as this decision is merely one step in the process of political persecution of Julian Assange.

The immediate danger involves a decision in favour of extradition to Sweden. Within 10 days, Julian would be sent to Sweden to be immediately imprisoned - in solitary confinement and incommunicado. With no bail system and no time limit to detention, it's likely he would spend up to a year in prison. This is without having been charged with any crime.

The next danger, regardless of this particular decision, involves the US seeking Julian Assange's extradition from either Sweden or the UK. For a variety of reasons Sweden looks to be a preferable location for the US government to get their hands on their target. is an invaluable resource for further information.

 It's on with the (US) show for Bob... Picture: Getty

Bob's facts

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr wants facts: 
As Premier I never saw a demonstration that didn’t hurt the side that mounted it. And I was never persuaded by a noisy crowd with a few placards. A carefully mounted case with killer facts was a different proposition. 

I guess he hasn't contemplated demonstrations with a carefully mounted case with killer facts on the placards! So far he hasn't responded to the facts so maybe a little noise will be needed too!

Of course the facts ain't only for Bob and the pollies. The facts will be helping defend WikiLeaks and Julian Assange wherever they're displayed in public - on and offline. Only with overwhelming pressure from people in Australia and around the world will the Australian government be forced to deviate from their completely pro-US government stance.

Thanks so much to @AssangeC for researching the facts and @Jaraparilla for compiling them here.
See also Brisbane Times: Mother appeals to Carr

Federation Square, Melbourne, April 2012: send your pics!

Global rallies

From WLCentral below is a list of rallies (updated 29 May 2012) scheduled after Julian Assange receives the verdict on his Supreme Court appeal against extradition to Sweden. These rallies are taking place regardless of the outcome. Please email any unlisted rallies, corrections, or further information to


Julian Assange's verdict will be handed down at 9:15am on Wednesday 30 May (London time)

That's 6:15pm Australian EST, so rallies will be held the following day, on Thursday 31 May.
It's 4:15am New York time, so US rallies will be held on Wednesday 30 May, except for Hawaii on Thursday 31 May. 
See Australian Friends of WikiLeaks Twitter (@AusFOWL) for information on all Australian rallies.
  • Canberra
    Where: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT
    When: 12PM – 2PM and 4:30PM – 6PM, May 31
    Resourses: FoWL poster
    Contact: Twitter: @wirnpa
  • Townsville
    Where: Ewen Jones' Office, Nathan Business Centre, Aitkenvale
    When: 12PM – 2PM and 4:30PM – 6PM, May 31
    Resources: FoWL poster
    Contact: Facebook Event Page


United Kingdom:

United States:
  • Denver
    Where: Lincoln Park (Occupy Denver)
    When: 5:30PM, May 30
    Resources: FoWL poster
    Contact: Twitter: @Kallisti
  • Honolulu
    Where: Australian Embassy, 1000 Bishop Street
    When: 11:30PM - 2PM, May 31
    Resources: FoWL poster
    Contact: Twitter: @HawaiiFOWL
  • New York
    Where: U.S. State Department, 799 United Nations Plz followed by Australian Consulate, 150 East 42nd Street
    When: 1:00PM, May 30
    Resources: FoWL poster
    Contact: Twitter: @WikiLeaksTruck


You'll find a list of Australian Embassies, high commissions, consulates, multilateral missions and representative offices here. ORGANISE YOUR OWN ACTION! Send me your details of time and location for your own rally poster.
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      Thursday, 17 May 2012

      Coming soon... politicians with a heart!


      Well something that's here now is journalism with a heart in the form of WikiLeaks. Globally recognised symbols of Love and WikiLeaks come together in this poster.

      And ultimately the real battle is the age old one of 'good' v 'bad' - of love, compassion and empathy v hatred, anger and destruction. Of course in this "sophisticated" world many who speak of the former are responsible for so much of the latter... Obama, Gillard...

      Journalistic warriors of the heart seem rather thin on the ground, and looked to be almost absent for many of us before discovering about Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks project. I know this bean has been led to some true journalism with a heart from so many around the world from Hossam el-Hamalawy to Kevin Gosztola to Amy Goodman to John Pilger (well, I'd already known of John. If you haven't already, check them all out!)

      Now journalism that deals with facts is under an intense attack...

      And, if we look into our hearts, we must all be warriors for conscience and consciousness.

      PS and join FoWL!

      This poster is available in many languages as you can see below - request yours!

      I can email hi-resolution print ready files for posters/flyers and digital printing on Tshirts - just ask folks!



      Read a little about some of the Awards received by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange on this poster. Then download it, print it and proudly display it in public!