Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Make your car a WikiLeaks Support Vehicle with magnets & stickers

Bumper stickers... you'll find a couple at the end of this post

This is a little project from the BeanLab, inspired by @karwalski, @WikiLeaksUte@WikiRacingTeam@WikileaksCar@WikiLeaksKayak and of course the fantabulous original @WikileaksTruck... which you'll also find here (where you can buy some cool stuff too!).

Like the badge designs, many of these designs will work on a variety of applications. You can just email me the particular specifications (dimensions & file type) your printer needs, and I'll send you the files you need. Feel free to request designs too! If you're interested in wearing any of my designs on an ethical Organic Cotton T, get in touch with the BeanLab.

Car magnets

A great way to jazz up your vehicle with a WikiLeaks support design, without permanently marking it. And you can get some affordable magnets printed by uploading hi-res jpegs - or I can email you better quality files. These designs are around A3 in size.

Of course they'll work well as stickers too. You'll also find a couple of bumper sticker designs later in this post.

Join the WSV fleet

Transform your car into a WikiLeaks Support Vehicle

The MGCTFU strikes terror in the hearts of the corrupt

Form your own Mobile Government Corruption Task Force Unit... yeah that's a MGCTFU

Turn Top Secret on it's head

These designs for Australia (really?!!)

Not sure about the design. But maybe you like it or would like your own slogan on it?

Remember any of these designs can be adjusted to different dimensions... just ask the Bean

Bumper stickers

Bumper stickers... an old favourite for getting a message out there
 Here's one place online where you get your bumper sticker printed easily. Just upload a hi-res file... There are plenty of options online in different parts of the world... and don't forget your local digital print shop.


On your bike?

Your bicycle too can be a WSV! Here's a couple of stickers designs for bikes. Request your own.


Spread the Love with WikiLeaks heart stickers

If there's enough demand, this bean is looking at producing a few items for WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning supporters.

Many people are producing their own posters, Tshirts, badges etc and all of these designs are free to be used by all. The idea is to make it even easier for those who don't have the time or motivation to produce their own supporter's gear. It also provides the option to personalise some items with custom designs.

Supporters' gear consists of items you can distribute to promote discussion and also to raise funds. Sydney supporters recently raised some of the cost of their rally with badges for donation.

Here's an initial offer for WikiLeaks heart stickers
And here's the file to DIY... or send me dimensions or a template for files for your project

And of course, don't forget the Official WikiLeaks Store, where you can buy some very cool gear including the only mug this bean drinks from... and help keep WikiLeaks strong!

You'll find some great gear at the Art Superheroes shop too, including their amazing Handmade Polycarbonate and Kevlar Guy Fawkes Masks, WikiLeaks Adhesive Vinyl Decals, and Signed Limited Edition Prints of the WikiLeaks Truck.

And if you're really into DIY checkout the StencilFiles, a new WikiLeaks supporters' street art project and sharpen your scalpel.


  1. Thanks so much for your work!

    1. And thanks for your thanks! Hope you can put the designs to good use :)

  2. Hey these are cool Wiki Leaks stickers especially that one which on the back of the car. :)
    custom stickers


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