Tuesday, 24 July 2012

WikiLeaks StencilFiles series 1: WikiLeaks logo

This stencil series is a collaborative project with Frankfurt Friends of WikiLeaks. Checkout their great website. And look out for the WikiLeaks heart logo, as well as Bradley Manning and Julian Assange stencils still to come.

If you're new to stencils, here's a quick video introduction to the art: Stencil Graffiti Art 101

Get inspired with this story about street art in the Arab Spring: The power of street art - the original social media

WikiLeaks Logo #StencilFiles

Graffiti: it's powerful social media. Get your stencil operation started with this one...

So if you wanna reproduce this, download and use the files below

WikiLeaks logo: stencil 1

WikiLeaks logo: stencil 1
Don't hesitate to get in touch for tips and suggestions.

#StencilFiles Release No.1 by RenRenee, Frankfurt, Germany

#StencilFiles Release No.1 by MRF: Check out the JulianARTssange blog for more

StencilFiles series 2

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