Friday, 6 July 2012

Free Bradley Manning! New badges & buttons

Well they're actually revamped designs. With the new orange background, and addition of the link, they're ready for production and proud wearing!

The only heroes of war are the peace heroes: Bradley Manning

The technical stuff
Small pics are the way the final badge should look. Larger pics are hi-res jpegs ready to use. If you can do some basic image editing, you'll be able to adjust the "bleed" area - that's the extra bit that overlaps onto the back of the badge. You can also reduce the size if needed (these are 60mm with a 5mm bleed all round).

Feel free to contact me with specific requirements for your badge maker, or to request larger images for Tshirts or placards, different file types or just ask a technical question. Send me a template for a specific badge maker if you like, and I'll forward you print ready files.

Free Brad! End the Wars!

Yep, you can make your own... like these from Sydney

More buttons & badges:

WikiLeaks supporters badges
And a couple more

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